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Importance of Rangoli

I wish to exhibit my Rangoli Portrait Art throughout India & even different countries, so as to support Sri Lalita Vaibhava Chitra Yajna. For this very purpose I am looking for support of art lovers, promoters to help out for the same. Rangoli portrait, whether it is for a cultural event or any personal celebration are welcomed.

Generally it requires around 30-40 hours of hard work & patience to make one good quality rangoli portrait. It depends mainly on subjects, size & details of portraits. I prefer to work mostly at night. I use only my fingers to make the rangoli portrait & no other intruments are used in making a rangoli. Rangoli portraits are made with only dry & loose rangoli powder on floor or plywood . Rangoli portraits cannot be preserved permanently, but it can be preserved for 10 to 15 days in a closed environment (room).

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I think many of the artists make Rangoli portraits just as a work of art, but I try to make thsese rangoli portraits not just as a work of art but also as a sadhana (meditation or worship). I always start first by cleaning the floor (or plywood sheet) with clean wet cloth my self. I arrange all other materials required to make the rangoli portraits. Next important thing I do before starting the rangoli is to remember divine Mother Devi Lalita & ask for her blessings. I usually chant Lalita sahasranama while making rangoli it helps me to concentrate on my work without any distraction. I think this chanting of Lalita sahasranama gives life to my rangoli & the deity i.e Devi or Devatha appear much divine & lively, & not just as a work of Art.

Divine Mother Sri Jnanakshi Lalita Tripurasundari and her divine thousand names i.e Lalita Sahasranama is the inspiration for my paintings and rangoli. In my childhood days I used to do atleast one Ganapati or Shiva sketch or painting. I have been influenced by the life of Sri Adishankaracharya and the stotras written by him. Oil on canvas is my favourite medium and I even like to work on paper with water colours in traditional Indian style paintings.

I had never tried my hand in rangoli portrait until 2007. I made my first rangoli portrait at Jain Mandir, Mint Street, Chennai on the request of Smt. Sheela Oswal from Hubli. It was by sheer chance that I discovered this hidden Rangoli Art talent in me. In the same year I did Sai Baba & Siddharudha rangoli portraits at Sai Mandir,Hubli and Siddharudha Mutt, Hubli respectively. More than paintings on canvas and paper, rangoli portraits are much more appreciated by common people. So I decided to make this "Rangoli Portrait" as a medium to pass on message to people , as to help me fulfill my dream project " Sri Lalita Vaibhava Chitra Yajna" i.e. making of 1400 paintings of Devi Lalita & popularise Chanting of Lalita Sahasranama & Kumkumarchana around the rangoli portrait of Devi done by me.

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