Dinesh Vishwanath Chillal is a self trained artist, who likes to work on spiritual themes. He had his basic training in art from artists W. D. Dharwad and D. Vishwanath. He is interested in art since the age of 4, observing other artist's work and with years of hard work and persistence has mastered the art of painting and rangoli making. He is much interested in traditional paintings and potrait paintings. In the year 1995, he dropped out of engineering and took up art as a profession. He works in oil, acrylic, water colours on various mediums such as canvas, paper, wall, etc.

Devi Paintings

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Sai Baba Paintings

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Oil paintings depicting life of Sai Baba done by him are displayed permanently at Sai Mandirs of Hubli and Bellary. Jain paintings done by him are displayed at Jain temples in Hubli. In 2008, he even mastered the art of making rangoli potraits ans has gained much fame through his beautiful potrait rangoli. Rangoli of Ramdev Baba and Bharat Mata was much appreciated by Baba Ramdev himself during yoga camp at Hubli.

Presenlty, he is working on his dream project "Sri Lalita Vaibhava Chitra Yajna". This project is about painting 1400 Devi Lalita paintings based on Lalita Sahasranama, Lalita Trishati and Soundaryalahari Stotra.