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Importance of Sri Devi Padukas

Devi Padukas are painted by me for the sole purpose of getting financial support for painting 1400 Devi Lalita paintings based on Lalita Sahasranama, Trishati & Soundaryalahari Stotra, i.e. Sri Lalita Vaibhava Chitra Yajna. All Devi devotees and art lovers may practically support this divine non-commercial project by getting a Devi Lalita Paduka for an amount of Rs. 2500. (You will be contributing Rs1.80 for each of the 1400 Devi Paintings).

So devotees who wish to participate can come forward and support this vision of making 1400 Devi Paintings. Please do suggest the same to your friends & relatives and help us to make paintings of Devi Lalita.

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